Red Ocean for TVXQ
Red Ocean for TVXQ

Red Ocean is the sea of Red that Cassiopeia creates for every TVXQ event, and it's the official color for their fan base. It unites all Cassies from all over the world, to support the forever 5 TVXQ members.
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All of Red Ocean for TVXQ's accounts are under construction, please forgive us for any inconvenienced caused. We hope to be back soon.
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Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:35 pm by Hyun-ni

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 Please read before heading to the other parts of Red Ocean.

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PostSubject: Please read before heading to the other parts of Red Ocean.   Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:35 pm


1. No Spamming

- Reply posts more then 5 words. No one word or two word replies.
- Make sure to use the EDIT button if you made a mistake, DO NOT REPOST.
- Any Spamming found will cause your post to be deleted.

2. Crediting.

- This is IMPORTANT. Make sure that you CREDIT your sources.
- Posts without credits, assuming that you have taken it out from somewhere, the Admin has the right to give you your first warning.
- Any sources from Red Ocean for TVXQ that you wish to repost out of this forum, make sure that you credit Red Ocean For TVXQ.

3. No Pornographic Images/Sexually Explicit Material.

4. Sections have their rules, please make sure that you read them. For any questions, contact our online Moderator, or PM the Admin.

5. No Bashing, Sexist, Racist or Generally Hateful MESSAGES!

6. Languages.

- Our Forum only allows the English language for Posting, Discussions, Chatbox, etc.
- Only Translators are allowed to post multi-language articles.
- Please use Full Text messages, do not short form them aka texting style. For examples, "u"; "btw" and "nway".

7.DO NOT make multiple accounts.

- Each user is only allowed to make ONE account.
- If you wish to make changes to your name, please ask the Admin.
- You are not allowed to change your name more than ONCE.
- If you've forgotten the password, please click the 'forgot password' right under the log in space. It will resend your password to your email.
- You can use your Facebook login.

8. Promoting of other Forums or Sites.

- DO NOT promote other Forums, Sites, Groups, etc UNLESS in the specified section.
- Make sure you are not Spamming.

9. Be Active in the Forum.

- If you are Idle in the Chatbox for more then 5 minutes, you will be logged out automatically.

10. Signatures.

- Every member is allowed to have their own signature, provided that it's not too big; consult with our Graphics Designer.
- Signatures and Avatars are provided by our Graphics Designer at the Orion Scarlet :: Art Work section.
- You can promote your forums through your Avatars and Signatures.

11. Caution.

- Members with more than 3 warnings will be banned, for good, from Red Ocean for TVXQ.
- Unappropriated posts will be deleted without notice.

12. Activities.

- Red Ocean for TVXQ does a lot of travelling. Especially to send the forum's projects.
- We also travel to places, when we can, to where TVXQ are, or other artists especially for Red Ocean for TVXQ.
- If you'd like to invite us to your gatherings, please inform us as much as possible 2 months before the date, and we will try our best to be at the gathering.

13. Red Ocean for TVXQ are not antis for any other artists, there for we DO NOT tolerate with bashing of other artists.

For any questions, please contact our online Moderator, or PM the Admin.

Thank you for joining, and supporting Red Ocean for TVXQ.

One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ.
Always Keep the Faith!
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Please read before heading to the other parts of Red Ocean.
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